The Women's Health Movement

Teaching women how to fuel their bodies, lift properly, and build confidence.

One of Australia's fastest growing fitness brands. The Women’s Health Movement empowers ambitious and motivated females to bring their best self every day.

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Project Overview

We started working with Sharelle over 4 years ago when she first ventured into the exciting world of online coaching. As her coaching grew from a 1 woman show while she did nursing as her primary job to a full coaching team we helped her scale her coaching platforms until its final rendition “The Women’s Health Movement”.

The launch of this new platform meant a completely new creative direction and UI / UX design requiring its own look plus a lot of moving parts behind the scenes managing users, applications, and integrations.

Key Services:


Digital Strategy

UI / UX Design

Graphic Design

Full Stack Development

App Integration

Live chat Integration

Member Migration

Application System

Client Testimonial

"Brad was the first person I worked with to bring my coaching online and the experience has been flawless. The Women's Health Movement was our 3rd project together. Now what started as part time work while I did nursing, evolved into a complete career with a full time coaching staff."

Sharelle Grant

Branding & Design

Creating a full brand style guide is imperative for developing a cohesive brand. This includes visuals like logo variations, fonts, colors, and imagery in addition to brand voice, promise, & story.

Establishing this synergy and rules across all mediums creates a strong brand.

Technology & Development

The Women's Health Movement would be Sharelle's biggest venture yet and we had to make sure it went smoothly. Sharelle's previous coaching platform we built for her had hundreds of active clients that we had to ensure a smooth migration of along with handling the new influx of users. That back-end migration along with rebranding of the front-end brought a host of challenges but we navigated them all without a hitch launching smoothly.

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