Granite Conditioning

Over 10 years experience helping women achieve their dream bodies.

Founded by Andrew Deasy, Granite Conditioning is Bali's most premiere coaching service. They turn out bikini champions seemingly weekly and help women worldwide achieve their dream bodies through group challenges.

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Project Overview

Andrew has been dominating the coaching industry for over a decade. He had a huge client base and seemingly unlimited success stories, but what he couldn’t get was a website he was proud of.  After multiple failed attempts with different web agency’s he just stuck to what he knew best and marketed via social media. 

That is until he was recommended by multiple friends in the industry to give us a try. It didn’t take long to realize Andrew had something special and how we could channel that into a unique memorable experience. 

Key Services:


Digital Strategy

UI / UX Design

Graphic Design

Full Stack Development

Email Marketing

digital Products

Challenge Integration

Client Testimonial

Branding & Design

Creating a full brand style guide is imperative for developing a cohesive brand. This includes visuals like logo variations, fonts, colors, and imagery in addition to brand voice, promise, & story.

Establishing this synergy and rules across all mediums creates a strong brand.

Technology & Development

Granite Conditioning's primary coaching strategy for the last years has been is quarterly group challenges. The Bikini Body Blitz being its flagship product. This makes the two most important factors : getting more leads & reminding existing fans challenge dates so they don't miss out. To create more leads we integrated various advertising tools and for keeping current clients up to date implemented email marketing via a followup funnel.

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